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Magnesium Powder 99.5% min

We are engaged in the manufacturing of Magnesium Powder confirms to Indian & International Standards. Since 2009 we are regularly supplying magnesium Powder to specification IS-2307, IS-8484, CS-5035A & JSS-6810-120:1999

Partical Size: 3mm to 100 micron IS Sieve

Apparent Density: 0.25 to 1 G/ML




Magnesium Turnings (99.5% min)

Magnesium is used as a reducing agent during the synthesis of organic chemicals, particularly for Grignard reactions. As an example, magnesium chips & granules are used for the production of Grignard reagents, pharmaceutical products, flavors, fragrances, agricultural products, and catalysts.

Specification: Mg Content 99.5% min

Partical Size: 1mm to 4 mm


                                                                     Magnesium Powder Coated

    We also manufacture Coated Magnesium Powder used to

    manufacture spaciality fireworks to create flashes, smoke,


    Specification: Mg Content 98%

    Range: 750 micron to 250 micron IS Sieve





Mg. Bits MAgnesium Bits (99.5% min)

Magnesiums bits are available in different sizes like

1) 150 to 300 gms

2) 500 to 700 gms

3) 1 kg. to 1.25 Kg