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we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a Magnesium Metal Products. Our product catalogue encompasses Magnesium Powder,  Magnesium Powder Coated, Magnesium Turnings, Magnesium Bits. These products are processed using high quality raw material procured from trusted market vendors. Widely used in Fire-cracker Industries and pharmaceutical industries & Defence Organization, our products are known for their Purity, appropriate Specification and reliability.


Applications of Magnesium

Products                          Application Area

Magnesium Powder:         Explosives & Pyrotecnic/ Pharmaceuticals/Fireworks/

                                              Welding & Metallurgy Application

Magnesium Turnings/Chips:     Grignard Reaction & Chemical Synthesis/Pharmaceuticals


Mg. Powder Coated:         Pyrotecnic/Specialty Fireworks

Mg. Bits:                        Metallurgy Application